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Service for making payments and administering company accounts

  • Compatible with any current accounting software
  • You can determine limits and rights for each user

SEB Telebank is special electronic payment software-based service for companies that provides them with a capability to manage accounts from a distance from your office at the time that is convenient for you. It provides a great help for your company accountant and is especially suited for management of financial flows at large corporations.

SEB Telebank principles and options are similar to internet bank IBank Business, but the difference is – you do not need internet regular internet connection to use it. Telebank software is installed on your company computers and you can work with either one or several computers. You can use Telebank for making payments and also in informative regime. You should connect to the internet only to confirm bank transactions, send prepared documents to the bank or receive updated information from the bank.

Telebank user advantages

  • Telebank software will help your company make the necessary bank operations at one place, administer all your company accounts, as well as receive statements about the company financial flow.
  • SEB Telebank is compatible with any current accounting software and is a convenient help in bookkeeping. Telebank allows you to import payments from your accounting software, as well as export account statements from Telebank into your accounting software. By using one program, it is possible to manage more than one company account.
  • Company manager has an option to determine different employee authority for working with Telebank, as well as grant different access rights to employees.
  • Telebank is especially convenient for making large number of payments. Program offers various functions that make payment processing easier, for instance, approval of several payments at the same time, automatic checks of payments, bank catalogue and others.

SEB Telebank options

  • You can send any domestic or international payment order the bank and check its status, learn about company account balance, receive account statements and export them directly into the accounting program, as well as receive statements about transactions with payment cards and credit cards. With Telebank program processing of statements takes place depending on the order of when they are submitted to (received by) the bank.
  • Make salary payments to employees by importing payroll into Telebank directly from accounting program. There is an option to approve salary payments even if the financial resources in the account are not sufficient, by choosing regime "Wait for money".
  • Telebank will make information about group account to you, if your company chooses to use it.
  • Define the number of Telebank users at your company, as well as rights for every user. There is an option to set different user right levels to different users – rights to prepare payment orders, review information from the bank, sign payment orders, using electronic signature, send payment orders to the bank as well as request information from the bank.
  • Telebank has two-level confirmation system available that can be adjusted to the document signature procedure at the company.
  • Using Telebank you can process large volume of payments, conveniently review saved payment orders and use them as blanks for creating new documents. Program offers a range of additional functions that make processing of payments easier, for instance, simultaneous signing of several payments, automatic check-up of entered data, bank catalogue, automatic numeration of payment documents and others.
  • If the bank payment involves currency exchange, Telebank will inform you about the exchange rate. Telebank offers you foreign currency exchange rates and price changes at the Bank of Latvia and SEB bank.
  • The program provides a possibility for timely communication with the bank, for providing and receiving the information you need.

You can install Telebank software on your company computer by using software installation file - download it by pressing the ”Download” button below.

Follow steps indicated in Telebank installation handbook. Technical requirements for a computer for work with Telebank: operating system Windows 7 and newer, Windows Server 2008 R2 and newer; 1024MB operative memory; Free space on a hard drive – 500MB (Database size depends on the number of payments and account statements. 1 incoming, 1 outgoing payment per day and 1 account statement a month (on 20 pages) equals to ~ 20MB per year); Permanent internet access (preferably broadband); no less than 1024x768 point screen resolution; 1 free USB port.

Using Telebanka after MS Windows 10 update

If after MS Windows 10 update you cannot open Telebanka, it is necessary to reinstall Telebanka program, using new installation file.

  1. Before reinstalling for the sake of security please save database (by default it is saved in folder C:/AKMENS/DATA).
  2. Click on “Download” button and install new Telebanka version.

If Telebanka still does not open, please uninstall Telebanka program, create new folder “AKMENS” and copy in it previously saved folder “DATA”, then install and choose appropriate Telebanka version (Single user or Network version , incl. Server setup or Workstation setup).


Multilevel security system for safe transactions

SEB Telebank has special multi-level security system therefore you can be sure about the security of information and transactions:

  • every authorized user from the company received personalized user name and password that should be entered to access Telebank;
  • at the beginning of every session, Telebank program independently generates encryption keys, therefore all information to you and also to the bank gets transferred in an encrypted form. All information that is saved on your computer's hard drive, is also kept there in an encrypted form;
  • prepared payment orders are authorized with electronic signatures (with one or two);
  • you can determine user rights and change them, if necessary. You have an option to set different user rights for each company account;
  • for increased security, you can use a possibility to register Telebank internet connection IP address that the bank will check every time you connect.

How to block Telebank chip card?

  • Call SEB bank Client center at +371 26668777 24/7.
  • Please remember that quickest way to block the smart-card is to submit Application of "Block signatory's smart card" in your Telebanka. The smart-card will be blocked immediately.
  • To register blocking of Telebank chip card You also can call SIA "First Data Latvia" at 67092555!
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Telebanka agreement terms and conditions
In force
Telebanka agreement
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Application for changes in the Telebanka Agreement
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Services Fees
Servicing per month 15.00 EUR
Production of smart card 20.00 EUR
Adding eID card to agreement Free of charge
Ordering of smart card reader 35.00 EUR
Termination of Telebank Free of charge
Consultations with the Bank's specialist about using the system by phone or e-mail Free of charge


Fees are applicable for existing Telebank agreements. New agreements are not offered.

Entrepreneur service plans

Beneficial package of services for everyday transactions


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