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Price list: Current Account

Enterpreneur service plan

With an Enterpreneur service plan, you can arrange your company's everyday transactions at a cost far below the regular price. As an active account user, you will save money yearly with the plan.

Services Fees
   •  for residents (the first account) 15.00 EUR/free of charge2
   •  to non-residents (per each account) 35.00 EUR
   •  in SEB Group outside Latvia3 By agreement, min 50.00 EUR
First verification of documents:
   •  for residents whose holders, true beneficiaries or signatory persons have their identity document or residence permit issued in Latvia Free of charge
   •  for residents – legal entities registered in Latvia, whose owners, beneficial owners or signatory persons have not received an identity document or residence permit in Latvia;
   •  for non-residents – legal entities which are no registered in Latvia
By agreement, min 500.00 EUR
Servicing per month:
   •  for residents4 5.00 EUR/free of charge5
   •  for non-residents legal entities (taxpayers) established in the EEA and outside the EEA 30.00 EUR
   •  for Payment and Electronic money institutions 300.00 EUR
Closing (including transfer of the account balance to another account at SEB bank) Free of charge
Temporary current account
Opening 15.00 EUR
Servicing per month Free of charge
Transforming into the Current account Free of charge
Closing Free of charge
Current account balance fee (hereinafter – ABF)6
ABF for Legal entities (EUR)
(Fee, applicable to total current account balances in EUR exceeding 1 000 000 EUR)
ECB deposit facility rate/360 (Days)
ABF for Legal entities (SEK)
(Fee, applicable to total current account balances in SEK exceeding 9 500 000 SEK)
Sveriges Riksbank repo rate/360 (Days)
ABF for Legal entities (DKK)
(Fee, applicable to total current account balances in DKK exceeding 7 500 000 DKK)
Danmarks Nationalbank Certificates of deposit rate/360 (Days)
ABF for Legal entities (CHF)
(Fee, applicable to total current account balances in CHF exceeding 1 000 000 CHF)
Swiss National Bank negative interest rate/360 (Days)



1 Minimum opening deposit is 20.00 EUR or its equivalent in another currency.

2 Applying for the Entrepreneur's plan (S, M, L, XL) opening of the Current account (unlimited number) – free of charge. In addition, no minimum deposit is required to open current accounts.

3 Acceptance, processing, verification, sending etc. of documents upon the customer's request.

4 Except Payment and Electronic money institutions.

5 Using the Entrepreneur’s plan (S, M, L, XL) servicing of the Current accounts – free of charge.

6 ABF is calculated at the end of each calendar day, for excess amount of specified threshold for respective currency. ABF would not be applicable should respective central bank’s deposit rate become equal or exceed zero. ABF is debited once a month, and is applied only in cases where Bank individually informs Client 14 calendar days in advance. ABF is paid by Client. Bank does not calculate and pay interest on account balances to Client.
ABF = Excess amount of specified threshold*ECB deposit facility rate in absolute value/360
If Current Account end of day balance is 1 100 000 EUR and ECB rate is -0.4%, then ABF for the respective day is 1 100 000 – 1 000 000 = 100 000 * 0.4% /360 = 1.11 EUR



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