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Our client coverage


The key to SEB's ability to build rewarding, long-term relationships lies with our client teams. Understanding you is our first priority. It allows us to develop an in-depth knowledge of your business so we can act as your trusted advisor, delivering all of SEB's expertise, and improve your commercial success.

Our international team of professionals meets the needs of the largest and most successful organisations. We're well placed to meet all of your financial needs, both domestically and internationally.


At SEB, we owe much of our success to our long relations with and deep understanding of our large corporate clients. We are proud that many of our relationships have been flourishing for a great many years and we have seen companies grow and expand – some of them now operating in more than 100 international markets.


We realise that within the financial institutions sector, there are a number of different needs and priorities which we are well equipped to deal with. This could be in helping asset managers in creating clearly differentiated and attractive products. It could be in enabling trade finance in emerging markets. Or it could be in opening doors for banks to do business more effectively in the Nordics through our renowned expertise in this area.

International network

SEB is proud to have played a part in helping many clients in our home markets to become more successful. It is true to say that over the years, as our clients have grown so have we – and it's one of the main reasons that you'll find an SEB presence in the world's major financial centres.

Public sector

As our client, you have a single point of contact with a dedicated client team which supports and advises you on all financially related challenges so your organisation can meet targets. Our relationships with clients are based on trust, partnership and our ability to anticipate and respond to client goals. Our client team is focused on delivering advice and solutions appropriate to your needs and ensuring that you are always well-placed to take advantage of opportunities.

Real Estate finance

SEB's team for commercial real estate financing delivers customized finance solutions to real-estate investors. Our clients typically include larger investors, real-estate companies and private real-estate owners.
Financing is a central issue for our clients and we also offer SEB's full product portfolio within debt- and securities-related advisory services. We work with everything from bilateral loans and syndication, to a range of capital markets products. We also assist our clients in foreign exchange, to streamline their cash management, and provide other customized banking services.



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