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Transaction Services

The unit focus is on offering clients solutions for Asset Servicing, Working Capital and Liquidity Management. In addition to the sales and support organisations.

We offer a broad range of Cash Management solutions, Trade & Supply Chain Finance products, Electronic Customer Channels, from single country solutions and a single product, to multi-country and multi-product solutions.

Cash Management

In Cash Management we offer a broad range of services within the liquidity area. It includes accounts related products and services such as cash pooling, cross border concentration and standardized credit facilities.

We offer a broad range of services within the payments area. It includes SEB's payment offering globally and transaction and balance reporting services. We help you to collect your payments: accepting card payments, collect payments on the web or collect payments with e-invoicing.

Trade & Supply Chain Finance

Trade & Supply Chain Finance and Factoring offering of a wide range of services within the trade & supply chain area. It includes letters of credit, documentary collection, guarantee as well as a variety of factoring and supply chain financing solutions. Such solutions focus on assisting customers in working capital and cash flow enhancements, risk mitigation and address issues related to operational efficiency.

Electronic Customer Channels

We have a top rated Internet Bank where there are all bank products and services in a simple and comfortable to use environment. We are offering a Gateway (host-to-host) system for customers who need an online connection with the bank. Banklink services for collecting payments and Baltic Online system to manage your accounts in the whole Baltic region.

Asset Servicing

In Asset Servicing we offer a full range of post trade products in two different business areas, Sub-Custody and Global Custody. In the sub-custody area we deliver services to financial institutions using SEB as Custodian in any or all of our 10 markets. In Global Custody, we supply services in approximately 86 markets on all continents.


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