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NEWS - 2018 03 05 - 14:50

SEB Banka – the TOP employer in Latvia in 2017

As a result of the annual employer survey carried out by the recruitment company CV-Online Latvia, a list of the best employers has been compiled naming the most coveted Latvian employers in several categories. Up by 23 rankings from the previous year, SEB Latvia tops the list of the employers. Whereas in the list of the employers of the financial sector, SEB Latvia ranked as No. 2. Nearly 7,000 respondents took part in the vote on the most coveted employers.

Ieva Tetere, CEO of SEB banka:

“This is an acknowledgement of the vigour of our team – it is us who make our organization better, the environment - more friendly, and our work more exciting! I know that many of our employees appreciate the possibility of working remotely, taking part in employee laboratories and participating in the two-way mentoring with the senior lever company executives. This, however, is certainly not the decisive factor. Our biggest achievement is the team's motivation, the ability to take the initiative with a view to finding new solutions to the needs of our customers. I thank you – our customers, employees, and counterparties – that you take pride in SEB!”

Kristiāna Boša-Zambare, Head of Personnel Department at SEB banka:

“Our employees highly appreciate the culture and atmosphere of our organisation. Moreover, as an employer, we are willing to help our employees to be prepared for the future; therefore, starting from 1 July this year, we will implement a new pension savings system across the Baltic entities, which means that in addition to paying regular salaries, we will also make private pension contributions on behalf of all our employees who have been employed with us for 12 months, which is much earlier than before.”

Aivis Brodiņš, CEO of CV-Online Latvia about the TOP employer in 2017:

“The results of the survey reflect a distinct trend - in the view of employees, increasingly more often, the most coveted employer is their current or former employer. This year, the number of respondents has increased significantly, reaching approximately 70% of all participants of the survey. This suggests that companies make a targeted effort at improving employee satisfaction and their reputation in the labour market, and have encouraged their employees to fill in the questionnaire.

This year marks a significant change in the TOP 50 employers list, because the rankings of all the companies have changed compared to the previous year; there have been some newcomers, as well. Thus, the new most coveted employer that first comes to mind for most workers has been identified, i.e., it is AS SEB banka, which has made it to the top specifically thanks to the active involvement of the existing employees.”


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