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NEWS - 2018 06 13 - 15:00

The Ministry of Welfare names SEB banka a Family-Friendly Merchant

This year, the Ministry of Welfare (MoW) awarded the Family-Friendly Merchant status to 38 companies (including SEB banka) that implement family-friendly principles in their routine work. Since 2007, when SEB banka has been the first Latvian commercial bank to be named a Family-Friendly Merchant, we are delighted to have been receiving this acknowledgment to the employer and families regularly.

“The Family-Friendly Merchant status is a significant acknowledgment. We want to ensure that the bank provides the work environment where we feel good, enabling us to develop, create and pursue our ambitions – it is important for us. Speaking of the past year, the New Ways of Working and Activity Based Office are among those activities, which are focused on creating an employee-friendly environment, whereas the new SEB employee pension contribution system is focused on the social well-being of our employees,’’ Ieva Tetere points out.

“The interest of companies in obtaining the Family-Friendly Merchant’s has been increasing. This year, we welcomed 38 companies, whereas a year ago, this status was awarded to 31 companies. In this regard, we can already speak about greater social responsibility. Although occasionally the employer might think that marriage and children hamper the quality of work, it is exactly the family that is the foundation of a stable and healthy society. Merchants are aware that happy and satisfied employees are capable of providing a greater contribution to the company. And we all will be winners in the long run,” Jānis Reirs, the Minister for Welfare says.

The Family-Friendly Merchant’s status is awarded by the MoW. This year, it will be awarded for the eleventh time aimed at promoting family-friendly business ideas and attracting new companies.

This year, the Family-Friendly Merchant status was awarded to the following companies: SIA “Latvijas Mobilais telefons”, AS “Latvenergo”, Riga Technical University, SIA “Grifs AG”, SIA “Cemex”, SIA “Ventspils nafta termināls”, SIA “Rimi Latvia”, AS “SEB banka”, AS “Swedbank”, municipal SIA “Ventspils reiss”, AS “4Finance”, SIA “LSC”, VAS “Starptautiskā lidosta “Rīga””, AAS “Balta”, AS “Sadales tīkls”, VAS “Latvijas Dzelzceļš”, SIA “Coca-Cola HBC Latvia”, AS “Baltic International Bank”, SIA “Liepājas Enerģija”, SIA “Maxima Latvija”, AS “Rīgas Siltums”, SIA “Liepājas RAS”, SIA “Vidzemes slimnīca”, SIA “LDz Cargo”, SIA “Roche Latvija”, SIA “AE Partner”, SIA “Tele2”, University of Business, Arts and Technology RISEBA, state SIA “Latvijas Televīzija”, AS “Siguldas Būvmeistars”, AS “Augstsprieguma tīkls”, municipal company SIA “ZAAO”, ERGO Insurance SE Latvian branch, SIA “LDz ritošā sastāva serviss”, VAS “Latvijas Jūras administrācija”, SIA “Wunder Latvia”, SIA “FN-Serviss” and SIA “DHL Latvia”.

Since 2011, the relevant companies are identified in cooperation with the Sustainability Index, jointly developing appropriate criteria for implementing family-friendly policies in companies and including them in the index survey questionnaire. One of the criteria for granting the status is the company’s focus on an efficient work-life balance. For example, by ensuring an option to work remotely, a flexible work schedule. Similarly, the employees’ health protection in the workplace, providing customer-oriented service, ensuring support for events targeted at children and families and participating in charities is being evaluated. The company’s premises and equipment are also considered in terms of appropriateness for the needs of a child. Taking care of our customers is of no lesser importance, because it builds loyalty to the company and raises the reputation thereof, including in international markets.


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