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FUNDS ANNOUNCEMENTS - 2018 08 27 - 15:45

Changes in SEB Nordic Fund

We would like to inform you on changes in SEB Nordic Fund name and management; which does not require any action on your part and will take effect as of 21 September 2018.

Change of name

Name of sub-fund SEB Nordic Fund will be changed to SEB Sustainability Nordic Fund in order to reflect the investment strategy of the fund more accurately.

Sustainability criteria

In addition to SEB basic sustainability principles described in Fund prospectus Part 1, Section 3 "Purpose and Policy of Investments", the fund will use both a negative and positive screening. The purpose of the positive screening is to identify companies that promote sustainable development of environment. Negative screening means that the sub-fund will not invest in companies that:

  1. produce or sell weapons that breach international conventions regarding weapons such as cluster bombs, landmines, chemical and biological weapons;
  2. participate in the development of nuclear weapon programmes or produce nuclear weapons;
  3. makes more than five percent of the company's turnover from the production of alcoholic beverages and/or tobacco products, the production and/or active distribution of pornography, the product on and/or sales of weapons or from commercial gambling;
  4. have verifiably breached international norms regarding labour legislation, anti -corruption, the environment and human rights;
  5. are involved in coal, gas, and/or oil exploration and extraction.

Merging of sub-funds

Sub-fund SEB Nordic Focus Fund (SEB Fund 2 - SEB Nordic Focus Fund) will be merged with SEB Nordic Fund (SEB Fund 1 - SEB Nordic Fund or SEB Fund 1 - SEB Sustainability Nordic Fund).

Purpose of fund merging is to achieve the synergy effect and to ensure more efficient portfolio management; thus, decreasing the costs of investors.

More detailed information on changes (in English)

Renewed Fund documentation, including SEB Sustainability Nordic Fund prospectus will be available on SEB website www.seb.lv section of SEB investment funds in the list of respective Fund documents, or on the website of SEB investment funds management company www.sebgroup.lu.



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