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FUNDS ANNOUNCEMENTS - 2019 04 17 - 16:35

Notice to Shareholders of SEB Technology Fund investment fund units

We would like to inform you that previously planned SEB Technology Fund and SEB Teknologifond merger is cancelled.

We would like to inform you that SEB Technology Fund (C (USD) LU0427864466; D (USD) LU0047324487) will be merged with SEB Teknologifond (B (USD), SE0011644335; C (USD), SE0011644343). As a result SEB Technology Fund will cease to exist. Merger with SEB Teknologifond is scheduled for May 13, 2019.

Please familiarize yourself with important information regarding SEB Technology Fund:

  • after the merger, SEB bank will not provide possibility to buy SEB Teknologifond fund units, except sale of such fund units;
  • It is planned that commission for orders related to SEB Teknologifond fund will be significantly higher than existing commissions for SEB fund orders, as well as changes to custody fee will be made;
  • for residents of the Republic of Latvia, merging of funds will not create any additional income tax liabilities, because according to the Latvian law, merging of mutual funds is not taxed. In contrast, non-resident unit-holders are advised to contact their tax authorities to clarify actions to take regarding the taxation.

If you do not wish to participate in the merger of the aforementioned mutual funds, you have the opportunity until 2 May 2019 14.00 to place an order for sale or exchange of fund units for SEB Technology Fund funds with another SEB bank publicly traded mutual fund, the list of funds is available on SEB bank's website. The sale or exchange of this fund unit until 2 May 2019 14.00 will be free of charge.

If no order for the sale or exchange of fund units of the SEB Technology Fund will be submitted by the specified date, merger of SEB Technology Fund shares into SEB Teknologifond will be initiated on May 3. Neither client or SEB banka will be able to influence merger process.

The termination of fund standing order

If you have active fund standing order for SEB Technology Fund (LU0427864466, LU0047324487), please be informed that as of May 2 2019, these orders will be deactivated.

Detailed information from Fund management company

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