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Personīgās finanses - 2020 03 16
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No need to attend a bank any more to sign documents

No need to attend a bank any more to sign documents Foto: Kelly Sikkema, Unsplash

In order to use bank services, it is increasingly rarely needed to attend the subsidiary as most of the documents, including the mortgage credit contracts and the consumer credit contracts, can be signed electronically. The qualified Smart-ID account replaces the handwritten signature in the entire territory of the European Union.

To save the clients’ time by attending the subsidiary every time when the client’s signature is required on any document or on its amendments, the bank has provided the opportunity to sign the majority of documents electronically.

What type of documents can be signed remotely today

Statistics show that people more frequently exploit the possibility to sign the contracts with the bank and other documents without attending the subsidiary.

For instance, today almost all the consumer credit contracts as well as about 75% of the mortgage credit contracts are being settled remotely.

At the moment SEB offers to sign remotely the following documents:

  • mortgage credit and the pledge contracts and its amendments;
  • consumer credit contract and its amendments;
  • escrow account contract (if all of the stakeholders have access to the Smart-ID qualified account);
  • building supervision contract (if all of the stakeholders have access to the Smart-ID qualified account).

During processing the leasing:

  • lease agreement;
  • purchase agreement;
  • procurement deed;
  • delivery notes.

Furthermore, in case of leasing the trilateral agreement shall be concluded involving not only the bank and the lessee but the car dealer as well. Thus, currently remote signing is possible only if the car dealer as well has the possibility to settle the documents remotely.

What is required for remote signing

To sign the documents, you need the eSignature or its alternative — the free application Smart-ID qualified account, which operates on the entire territory of the European Union and replaces your handwritten signature. If you have been using the Smart-ID Basic account, you can register the qualified account remotely by using your eID card or a passport containing biometric data (such type are the entire passports issued since 20th November, 2007).

Whereas, the entire documents requiring your signature, shall be easily found and signed in a single location - your internet bank.

What else can be done remotely

If you are not certain, whether in a particular situation the documents can be signed electronically and how to do it, the bank’s video meeting will be helpful— during which you shall be able not only to ask online all your questions to the bank staff member but also to sign and submit the necessary documents to the bank.

Whereas during the settling of a mortgage credit, it is possible to remotely sign the request for corroboration by using the online system elaborated by the Notary Council Diginotry.

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