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Uzņēmējiem - 2019 10 08
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Now you can add your company accounts in other banks to SEB internet bank

Now you can add your company accounts in other banks to SEB internet bank

At SEB business internet bank, it is possible to view information about your Swedbank and Citadele accounts. Along with these news, the visual looks and available functions of main page of internet bank changed slightly.

Please note that only those company representatives with administrator or common user rights can link accounts of other banks.

SEB internet bank allows you to view your accounts with other banks as well, and soon - make payments and other operations from these accounts.

New look of the mainpage

For the customers to be able to use all account adding and managing features, the visual look of the homepage has been changed. After logging in internet bank users will notice button Main page settings and select service information to be displayed: accounts, credit cards, deposits, securities or loans.

Further on, the homepage will not show payment form, however, on the top of the page, users will see a button “New Payment”. Payments templates also will not shown but you can easily found them in section “Payments – Bank templates”. Same for example with Consolidated payments (“Payments – Consolidated payments”)

How to add new accounts

SEB business customers who have accounts with Swedbank or Citadele, are be able to add these accounts to their SEB internet bank to be able to view information about all their active accounts in one place. Moreover, it is planned that until the end of the year, SEB internet bank will provide an opportunity to manage accounts with other banks, if the banks would provide technical assistance to ensure this service. 

How to access other accounts in SEB internet bank

To access your company Swedbank and Citadele accounts, upon entering your SEB internet bank, you have to confirm that you would like to receive this service. Upon signing in, you can use the service for 90 days, after 90 days you will have to apply for the service again. If the customer would like to cancel the service earlier, it is possible any time.

Moreover, SEB customers can view their accounts opened with SEB in other Baltic States. In case of Latvia, accounts opened in Lithuania and Estonia.

The service is available free of charge and the number of Swedbank and Citadele accounts that can be added is unlimited, however, it should be noted that private customer cannot add his/her company account and accounts of other persons and business user can link to company account only business accounts. 

Is it possible to add accounts with other banks?

For now, technically only Swedbank and Citadele allow to access its accounts via SEB internet bank, however, it is planned that later this yaer other banks should provide this opportunity as well. Latest information on these matters will be provided at SEB internet bank and website.  

What operations can be done with accounts?

In the beginning, it will be possible to view other banks account balance and payment history, but it will not be possible to make payments and other operations. It is planned that the range of operations will be expanded in future, including it will be possible to make payments.

Can the bank see information about accounts with other banks?

No, this information will be available only to you. The bank does not store these data and will not use this information in any way. SEB internet bank serves only as a channel displaying the accounts.

How to add account to SEB internet bank

1) In SEB your company internet bank's Main page and press button “Link another bank’s account”;
2) In section “Link accounts”, select the accounts you would like to add;
3) Afterwards, you will be redirected to resp., Swedbank or Citadele internet bank where you will have to authenticate with user name and Smart-ID PIN;
4) If authentication is successful, you will be redirected to SEB internet bank again, to section “Access rights and accounts” where you can choose which accounts and for what term (maximum 90 days) would like to add;
5) After confirming your selection pressing “Continue”, the added account will be displayed in section “Consent management”. There you can choose what to do next:

  • Return to homepage (there all added accounts with other banks will be visible under the usual SEB accounts);
  • Change the order and names of added accounts (you can name them as you wish);
  • Add accounts with other banks (the total number of accounts you can add is unlimited).

6) All added accounts will be available in section Accounts/Cards- Account summary.

Open but safe

The requirements of the Second Payment Services Directive (PSD2) of the European Union provide that the bank customers are provided an opportunity to view summarised information about all their payment accounts with different banks and payment service providers with their internet bank. The finance technology companies will be able to provide new services, for example, account information and payment services.
It should be noted that customer data will be fully protected and third parties can access them only if the customer has provided consent.

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