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Credit cards

In the private internet bank you can:

  • Find out the available amount of money
  • Specify the credit card transaction types and limits
  • Change the credit limit, repayment date and account
  • If necessary, you can transfer funds from the card’s credit limit to the current account

What amount of money do you have available with the credit card?

Credit card will be linked to the current account in which your personal funds may be transferred and can be used by credit card.

Thus, with the credit card you can access both your personal funds and the credit limit assigned by the Bank.

For your convenience, personal funds shall be accounted for separately from the credit limit.

Home page of the Internet bank displays all your accounts and credit cards.

Section Accounts shows personal funds available to you, but section Credit cards shows all funds available to you, including those assigned by the bank, that you can use with your credit card.

You can learn detailed information about the credit card by clicking the respective card.

Credit card statement shows all transactions performed with the card. You can choose the period for which you would like to see the transactions performed with the card, see the total amount of the other transactions, funds accessible to you, as well as the monthly limit of the card, or how much money you can spend with this card during one month.

In Account statement you can access all transactions with your personal funds.

In the section “My cards” of the menu “Accounts/Cards” you can see both your payment cards and credit cards.

Here you can access detailed information about the funds on your card, available and used credit limit and the mandatory repayment amount.

In this section you can block, close your card or attach an additional card.

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Change the card settings

In order to change the card settings, click “Change data”.

Specify transactions and limits permitted for your credit card.

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Repayment of the credit limit


  • The used credit limit is automatically repaid from the current account, linked to your credit card on the 15th day of the month or other date (5th to 15th), chosen by you. It is the date, when you need to have sufficient amount of the money on account to cover your credit limit and interests.
  • You can make repayment of the credit limit on your own via internet bank selecting the relevant credit card and the step “repay” in a section Loans/Leasing – My loans -  Loan agreements or in a section Accounts/Cards - Card credit limit. This additional step is required to use the money from the credit card account for covering of the credit limit, including in cases when the money has been deposited at an ATM.

Total amount of used credit limit is available under the Card credit limit heading in internetbank menu Loans / Leasing - Loans / My loans.

To find the next amount to be repaid, click on the ► next to Card credit limit heading.

During the period from the 1st to the 15th date of the month (or up to your chosen repayment date) you will see the basic amount of your next payment, interest payment (calculated on the previous month for the actually used credit limit) as well as the basic amount and interest payment in total.

Repayment date. If the repayment date is a weekend or holiday, it is postponed to the next working day. If you have not selected a different date (from 5 to 15) in internet bank section Change parameters, the next payment will be made automatically on the 15th day of the month.

You can choose Make repayment in a card credit limit section.

Use it if you want to repay the basic amount of the credit card before the term (it is not possible on a date of automatic repayment).

You can not repay interest before the term – it will be automatically removed from your account on the 15th day of the month or on other repayment date chosen by you.

You can choose how to repay the credit limit – as the interest-free credit limit, the line of credit or the fixed payment

You can also apply for the change of the amount of the credit limit.

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Transfer from the credit limit to account

Transfer from the credit limit to account

If personal funds are not enough for an urgent transfer or payment, you can perform a transfer from the credit limit to account. In the section “My cards” of the menu “Accounts/Cards” choose “Payment”.

Specify the required amount, click “Confirm” and enter the confirmation code.

Money from the credit limit will be deposited in the account, and you will be able to transfer the necessary amount from the account.

Such transfer from the credit limit to account is performed within the of SEB bank, yet credit funds are used, therefore it is a paid service.

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