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Multi-currency account

If you perform transactions in several currencies, we invite you to use the multi-currency current account. Both to private persons and enterprises we offer a possibility to use one account for payments in various currencies.

Options of the multi-currency account in the internet bank:

  • Payments in more than 20 currencies from one account
  • Storage of the funds in the same currency as transferred to your account
  • Currency exchange at any time convenient to you
  • Addition of extra currencies

How to begin the use of advantages offered by a multi-currency account?

By default your current account uses one currency, and incoming funds in another currency are converted to the main currency of the account. In order to begin the use of advantages offered by a multi-currency account, via Internet bank you can add currencies to existing accounts or open a new current account.

How to add extra currencies to the existing account?

In order to add extra currencies to your existing current account, in the section ‘Current accounts’ of the Internet bank menu ‘Applications’ choose ‘Add a new currency’, tick off the currencies you need, once more check the information and click the button ‘Continue’. Confirm your choice by authorisation code.

How to open a new current account in the Internet bank for payments in various currencies?

You can open a new current account in the section ‘New current account’ of the menu ‘Applications’.

Choose the main currency of the new account. For more convenient payments, assign the name to the new account.

Confirm the performed actions by authorisation code. In order to add extra currencies to the new account, follow our previous instructions.

How to activate the newly opened account?

Activate the newly opened account in the section ‘Changing transfer limits’ of the menu ‘Applications’ by choosing the number of the account and specifying daily and monthly payment limits. Click ‘Continue’ and confirm the performed action by authorisation code.


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