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Price list: Processing of Customer's Account Documents

Services Fees
In Internet bank At the Bank's branch

Documents on account transactions

Preparation of an account statement or account reference for a set period up to and including December 31, 20131 Not available 5.00 EUR per month2
Preparation of an account statement or account reference for a set period from January 1, 2014 Free of charge 0.40 EUR for 1 page,
min 3.00 EUR
SWIFT copy of a cross-border (upon the customer's request) - 4.50 EUR
Services Fees

Issuing of references (per document)

Standard references upon the customer’s request3 10.00 EUR (plus VAT 2.10 EUR)
Non-standard references upon the customer’s request4 By agreement,
min 20.00 EUR (plus VAT 4.20 EUR) 

Printing / confirmation of executed payment orders

  1.00 EUR for each issue and / or confirmation of a payment order5

Document processing

Copies of documents (per sheet) upon the customer’s request 0.30 EUR (plus VAT 0.06 EUR)
Postal service for documents in Latvia and abroad 5.00 EUR (plus VAT 1.05 EUR)
Mailing of electronic authorisation device upon the customer’s request within Latvia 15.00 EUR (plus VAT 3.15 EUR)
Courier delivery of documents/payment cards abroad upon the customer’s request6 By agreement,
min 30.00 EUR (plus VAT 6.30)
Issue of a certified copy of a document By agreement,
min 30.00 EUR (plus VAT 6.30)
Search of documents in the archive and their copying upon the customer's request (per item) By agreement,
min 7.00 EUR (plus VAT 1.47 EUR)

Execution of orders of the SRS and bailiffs

Processing orders of the SRS (State Revenue Service) - for each SRS order / individual tax debt type 10.00 EUR
Processing of bailiffs' orders 10.00 EUR
Execution of SRS orders 0.50 EUR
Execution of bailiffs' orders 0.50 EUR
Processing of a request for withdrawal or transfer of funds from a blocked account 10.00 EUR

Servicing with powers of attorney

  10.00 EUR (plus VAT 2.10 EUR) – fee for receipt (verification) of the power of attorney for the first time;
5.00 EUR (plus VAT 1.05 EUR) – for each subsequent service time



1 Account statement can be requested for period which does not exceed 10 years from receiving the request.

2 The commission fee is not applied for the month(-s) with no transactions in the account. If account statement is requested for period with no transactions in the account, fee for one month account statement is charged.

3 Standard references include information about the existence of an account/card, account balance; termination of the account; the principal amount, balance and term of a loan; complete repayment of the loan; absence of liabilities; temporary account and contribution of the share capital. Standard reference is prepared within one day as of receiving the request.

4 Non-standard references are the other references, which are not standard. About the term of preparation of a non-standard reference, the bank informs within two days as of receiving the request.

5 The commission fee is not applied to copies of payment order to Treasury or SEB group companies.

6 Charged in cases when the card is located in a branch, and the manner of receipt is changed.


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