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Personal Team for Reaching Your Financial Targets

If you have chosen to become an SEB Private Banking client, you will be serviced by a team set up specifically for you – a private banker, his/her assistant, a manager of credit transactions, as well as an investment strategist. All of these professionals will supervise a certain part of your private banking transactions. The task of the Private Service Team is to ensure such a level of trust that you would entrust us the management of your and your family’s assets even for several decades.

Your personal private banker is your trustee in all financial issues. He oversees your targets and needs and is fully responsible for protecting your interests. The private banker will sense your needs ahead of time and will acquaint you with various options and advantageous offers even before you express your interest in them. The private banker’s assistance is available to you in 24-hour mode.

Your Private Service Team also includes the following specialists:

  • a private banker assistant, responsible for performance of day-to-day banking operations in your interests; 
  • a manager of credit transactions, responsible for administration of credits and leasings;
  • an investment strategist, who is always informed about the updated market situation and its important developments.

Our work is based upon your individual situation; therefore, more open you are - more successfull our cooperation will be. As an SEB Private Banking client, you will not be directly involved in performance of financial operations, but, nevertheless, you will always be well-informed about all aspects. Regular reports and personal meetings will help you to make sure that the chosen investment portfolio is the best for your needs, which, of course, may change over time. The main thing is that your private banker will always be informed about changes in the market and new market opportunities.

Our team cooperates with our international colleagues on an everyday basis; therefore, you always have the latest information about global markets at hand. Close cooperation with SEB colleagues from other countries open opportunities to wide investment solutions on a global scale and represents one of our strongest advantages.

SEB international teams for cooperation with private investment specialists are located in Stockholm, London, Frankfurt, Luxemburg and Helsinki. There is also a special SEB team working in Tallinn, which carries out stock analysis of the Eastern European market and provides advice regarding investment possibilities in Eastern Europe. SEB investment strategists and managers have more than ten years of international experience and the professional CFA® (Chartered Financial Analyst) qualification, which is highly valued worldwide.

Private Banking contacts

  • +371 67779799
    Fax: +371 67779798

  • E-mail:

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Private Banking clients are served in a specially established centre in the Old City of Riga on Vaļņu iela 11.


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