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Price list: Bank guarantees

Services Fees
Guarantee line1
Processing a guarantee line, increasing the limit 0,5%, min 150.00 EUR
Term prolongation for a guarantee line 0,2%, min 150.00 EUR
Other changes to the guarantee line agreement upon the customer's request 0,5%, min 50.00 EUR

Guarantees/International guarantees/Stand-by letters of credit

Issuance of Guarantee/Stand-by letter of credit:
   •  type of collateral: cash cover in SEB bank 0,3%, min 120.00 EUR
   •  within the scope of the Guarantee line By agreement, min 70.00 EUR
   •  another collateral 1%, min 190.00 EUR
Extra commissions charged for issuance of a Guarantee/Stand-by letter of credit:
   •  issuance of the Guarantee in accordance with the template provided by the customer 15.00 EUR
   •  urgent issuance of a Guarantee within 8 working hours2 70.00 EUR
   •  processing of a non-standard Guarantee template and the approval thereof By agreement, min 70.00 EUR
Guarantee utilisation fee (depending on the type of collateral):
   •  type of collateral: cash cover in SEB bank Min 1% per year, min 70.00 EUR
   •  another collateral By agreement, min. 70.00 EUR
Amendment/cancellation of a Guarantee upon the customer’s request 70.00 EUR
Notification of a Guarantee/Stand-by letter of credit issued by another bank 85.00 EUR
Notification changes to a Guarantee/Stand-by letter of credit issued by another bank 70.00 EUR
Verification of the authenticity/cancellation/processing of other information of a Guarantee issued by another bank upon the customer’s request 100.00 EUR
Processing/certifying the signatures/forwarding the claim on behalf of the customer3 0,2%, min 145.00 EUR
Payment of a received claim 0,25%, min 145.00 EUR


Confirmation of issuance of a guarantee 70.00 EUR
A certificate of the possible issuance of a guarantee 30.00 EUR
Changes to the provisions of the confirmation at the customer's request 30.00 EUR

Additional services

Processing and forwarding information of financial transactions on behalf of the customer 30.00 EUR
Preparation of agreement and collateral agreements in electronic format Free of charge
Preparation of agreement and collateral agreements in paper format 35.00 EUR
Authorisation to receive goods addressed to the bank 70.00 EUR
Costs of courier services Actual costs
Commissions charged by correspondent and cooperation banks Actual costs
Verification of counterparties involved into deal (applicable for deals with high risk countries)* 45.00 EUR
*In accordance with the bank’s related internal and external regulations at the moment of verification



1 The commission fee must be paid on the day the agreement or amendments are signed.

2 Subject to the decision made by SEB bank and concluding the relevant agreement with the customer. The standard term for issuing a Guarantee is laid down in the Terms and Conditions of the Guarantee.

3 Application for processing and sending a claim should be submitted to SEB bank at least 3 business days prior to the Guarantee expiry date.



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