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Video consultation for business


To whom?

To all internet bank users.


From any place where you can easily connect to and talk to a bank specialist without interruption.

  • During the video meeting, you may:

    • open new business account;
    • sign documents digitally;
    • share your screen and see, what bank specialist shows on the screen;
    • add other participants.

Digital identification and special security solutions protect your data during video meeting.


Video meeting options

  • Learn how to use your company administrator rights to:

    • register new users;
    • define user rights;
    • change transaction limits;
    • sign documents.
  • Get advice on the most appropriate solutions for your business:

    • long-term investments;
    • current assets;
    • commercial transactions;
    • car and commercial transport purchase.
  • Find out how to do necessary things in internet bank:

    • fill in applications;
    • find the necessary information on transactions;
    • repay the credit card limit before the deadline;
    • get answers to other questions.

How to apply?

  1. Fill in application form
  2. We will contact you to agree on time

You will connect to the advisory meeting by clicking on the banner in internet bank.

All you need for video meeting:

  • Internet bank connection
  • Computer, webcam, microphone
  • Internet browser Google Chrome (version 51 or later) or Mozilla Firefox (version 47 or later)
  • Operating system Windows 8,10 or OS X 10

Please check if you have all the necessary video tutorials.


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