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Cookie policy

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files stored by a visited website on the user’s device’s storage. Cookies serve different purposes and have various expiration dates.

Some cookies are called “session cookies” and expire after the user closes the web browser. Other cookies are called “persistent cookies” and are retained for a set period. Upon visiting a website repeatedly, the user’s web browser reads any retained persistent cookies and supplies the information back to the website or element that installed the cookie.

The cookies that we use fall into several categories.

“Essential cookies” enable important features, such as accessibility. Without them, the website may not function properly. Since essential cookies are necessary to deliver our services safely, you may not refuse them. If, regardless of security concerns, you decide you do not wish to receive essential cookies from us, you may block or delete them by changing your web browser settings.

Additionally, we use a specific functionality cookie that, when logging into the internet bank from a new device for the first time, allows you to enter your personal ID code only once. This cookie does not store your personal ID code on this device, but it allows us to remember that you have provided a valid one.

We also use third-party Adobe Analytics cookies. These are called “Statistical cookies” and they collect information that is used in aggregated form to help us understand how the visitors navigate and use our website. They help us to improve our websites in order to enhance your browsing experience. Statistical cookies are not related to personalized marketing offers.

This is a detailed list of cookies that we use:

Name Description Expires/
Essential cookies
has_js Used to ensure correct hyphenation. Session
page_url Used to remember the previously visited pages so that the user's browser functions properly. 3 months
responsive Used to adjust the website’s layout depending on browser display size. Session
seblanguage Used to remember last used language. 1 year
sebsession Used to correctly present the content of a website. Session
SEBVBInitTime Saves timestamp when arriving on Internet Bank log-in page, used for session expiration counter. Session
SEBVBTimeLeft Starts the Internet Bank session countdown counter after Internet Bank username has been confirmed. Session
cookiemessage Used to track if essential cookies are accepted (for older instances of consent). 1 year
_genesys.widgets.webchat Used to remember SEB chat settings. Session
sesky Special cookie for checking authorization. Session
loginmethod Previous authentication device used. 1 year
SEBTMSesskey Timeout configuration popup cookie. Session
test666 Checks if cookies are enabled on user browser side. Session
SEBConsents List of user accepted cookies. 1 year
Functionality cookies
usersettings User specific settings for particular device. 1 year
Statistical cookies
_sdsat_landing_page This cookie is set by Adobe Tag Manager to store the landing page name when making an initial visit to the website. Session
_sdsat_lt_pages_viewed This cookie is set by Adobe Tag Manager to store the total number of pages viewed. 3 years
_sdsat_pages_viewed This cookie is set by Adobe Tag Manager to store a page view counter. Session
_sdsat_session_count This cookie is set by Adobe Tag Manager to store a session counter. 3 years
_sdsat_traffic_source This cookie is set by Adobe Tag Manager to store traffic source of the user, as well as the name of the site the user came from before visiting the current site. Session
_sdsat_xPageName Stores the page name from previous webpage you visited  (analytics knows what was the title of the page from where you arrived to this page). Session
_sdsat_xPageURL Stores the page URL address from previous webpage you visited (analytics knows what was the URL address of the page from where you arrived to this page). Session
s_cc Adobe Site Catalyst cookie, determines whether statistical cookies are enabled in the browser. Session
s_fid Adobe Site Catalyst cookie, used to generate a unique id to identify a unique user. 3 years
s_sq Adobe Site Catalyst cookie, stores information about the previous link clicked within the site. Session
s_vi_vx60gx60x60 Adobe Site Catalyst cookie, used to identify unique visitors, with an ID and timestamp. 3 years
xPageName Contains the Page Name of the last viewed page, that has the xPageName functionality implemented. 1 month
xPageURL Contains the Page URL of the last viewed page, that has the xPageURL functionality implemented. 1 month

How to delete cookies or change the preferences?

If the user wishes to limit or forbid the acceptance and storage of cookies on their devices, or to delete the cookies already saved, such actions can be performed by using the web browser’s settings.

You can set your browser to accept all cookies, reject all cookies, or be notified when a cookie is downloaded. Your device's operating system may contain additional cookie controls. If you do not want cookies to collect information, opt out of cookies in your browser settings.

Our website contains links to websites of other companies or organizations. Please note that SEB Bank is not responsible for the content of such websites, or for the privacy policies used by them. So, if you visit other websites, you should inquire separately about their privacy policy.

These provisions may be changed without notice as we comply with the laws governing the use of cookies and consider the generally accepted practices related to the use of cookies.


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