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Price list: Customer Benefit Programme

Services Standard price Fees for Silver level Customers Fees for Gold level Customers

Monthly service fee for the Customer Plan

Active Plan1 4.00 EUR 3.60 EUR 3.00 EUR

SMS bank2

SMS message (for each) 0.13 EUR 0.09 EUR 0.09 EUR
E-mail message (for each) 0.13 EUR 0.09 EUR 0.09 EUR

Credit cards

Fee for utilised credit limit for credit cards3 in compliance with the credit line pricelist 21% per year 18% per year 16% per year
Mastercard Gold cards:
   •  preparing fee 3.60 EUR 3.60 EUR 1.80 EUR
   •  usage fee (monthly)4 3.60 EUR 3.60 EUR 1.80 EUR

Home loan

Processing the loan (% of the loan amount) up to 1,5%,
min 75.00 EUR
up to 1%,
min 75.00 EUR
up to 0,5%,
min 75.00 EUR

Life insurance with savings (in funds)

Administration costs from contributions to insurance premiums (% from each premium) Up to 1,3% Up to 1,2% Up to 1,2%
Administration costs from savings (% per year) Up to 1,32%,
min. 1.95 EUR/per month
Up to 1,2%,
min. 1.95 EUR/per month
Up to 1,2%,
min. 1.95 EUR/per month

3rd pension pillar

Commission fees from accumulated capital (% annually) 1,33% 1,18% 0,68%


The customer pays for other services according to the standard SEB bank’s General Price list for individuals.



1 The Active Plan additionally includes: use of all Credit Cards (except GOLD and World Elite) without a monthly fee during the entire duration of the plan.

2 The calculated commission for the received SMS messages is deducted once a day.

3 Mastercard Standard credit card, Mastercard Classic, Mastercard contactless, Mastercard Gold, VISA Style credit card.

4 The fee applies starting with the second month of using the card.


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